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Sri Maruthi Nursery & Primary School Aranthangi – 9842475600

Sri Maruthi Nursery & Primary School

Best School in Aranthangi

Founded by Mr.A.Ramakrishnan in the year 2011, Sri Maruthi Nursery and Primary School aims to train young minds by providing a platform to learn and explore in a fun and easy way. Our primary goal is to furnish tender minds with moral values, love for nature and people. It is to make the students grow and change for a Better world. The classes at the school span from kindergarten to class V.

Vision and Belief

The institution believes in a holistic and complete development of young individuals in terms of ethics, behaviour and intellect. Our vision is to make the children grow practically and personally in academics and in the society. It provides a fostering ground to empower students to excel in the challenges they face, find unique potentialities and encourage them with skills they would need in their everyday life.

Making the Right Choice

Being a young institution, we have alter our learning modules to suit the nature of the students. We understand that the formative years of a child are the most important in shaping them to be flexible and well-informed adults in their later years. We are passionate and committed in their moulding in the kindergarten and primary school.

Faculty Competency

The idea that teachers play an important role in a student’s life is firmly rooted in the mind of the founder and ensures that a good relationship is established between the students and the faculty. The faculty are appointed based on the Government’s norm. They are well versed with the academic requirements of the students as well as the social and personal requirements to nurture them holistically.

Choice of syllabus and its significance

Academically, we follow the Central Board of Secondary Education State Board syllabus. But beyond that, the strategy of teaching subjects through field trips and practical activities keeps the students engaged and creates a better learning environment. From small trips to the Police Station, Bank and many other public places to locations such as a factory or a museum, the school makes sure children are prepared for general awareness that are important to learn. Cultural roots are firmly intact through such learning methods and helps students understand their society, history and politics in a better perspective.

Some of our activities

  • Weekly workshops on Effective Communication
  • Colour Day celebrations
  • Themed months to sensitize and engage students on different causes or learnings
  • Appreciation of indigenous and world-wide festivals and customs
  • Gardening and horticulture workshops


  • Lush green campus situated in Pattukkotai Road and is few kilometres from Govt Hospital, Aranthangi.
  • Qualified and invigorating faculty for Sports
  • Qualified faculty for academics as per Government’s norm
  • Classrooms with customized library for the students of their respective classes.
  • Upcoming Events
  • Events
  • Gallery
Sri Maruthi Nursery & Primary School

Our Address

Sri Maruthi Nursery & Primary School, 329-2 Gangatharapuram, Pattukkottai Main Road, Aranthangi-614616. Pudukkottai (Dt)

Opening Hours

09.00 AM To 05.00 PM 
09.00 AM To 05.00 PM 
09.00 AM To 05.00 PM  
09.00 AM To 05.00 PM 
09.00 AM To 05.00 PM  
09.00 AM To 05.00 PM 

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